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Sylas has been writing, directing and editing his own movies since he had to shoot them on VHS tapes and mini DV, casting himself and his buddies in the roles. Alongside these early explorations in filmmaking, he spent hours watching and studying the work of great directors: learning from the best how to combine lighting, camera movement, color, composition and music to render human experience into impactful visual moments. Self-taught and highly motivated, Sylas went on to write, direct and edit his own feature film, with minimal budget–while working a full-time job. He succeeded in selling the movie and getting it distributed worldwide. This helped launch his career as a commercial director and editor. With his gifted artistic eye, careful technique and ambition to be the best, Sylas always strives to create visual content that surpasses expectations and propels productions to the next level. 

Sylas Dall
Video Production Stuido



Since second grade, Julie has wanted to be a writer. In the early part of her career, she used her love of language to work as a freelance reporter, a substitute English teacher, and a public radio intern. She finally landed her dream job at the YWCA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women and families in need. She spent 9 years there, serving as the organization's creative director and chief storyteller. But, something kept tugging at her soul and would not let go. So, in 2014 she left her career in nonprofit communications and began working on production sets to learn the film biz. Today, Julie combines her considerable skills in brand marketing, writing, and production management to generate the highest value content for commercial ads, narrative films and music videos, photo shoots, live events, broadcast shows, unscripted series, micro-docs–and anything else you want to throw at her. Part creative and part senior leader, she facilitates collaboration in high-pressure environments and consistently delivers content on-budget and on-time.


Do you ever watch a movie with someone and notice all the same quirky details? We do. Because we’re soulmates AND a creative powerhouse. The narratives and visual worlds that we create will capture your attention and imagination. We want to entertain you! And, we want to remind you: we’re humans, not robots!  We believe magic in life comes from our ability to feel. So, we’re always out in the world observing ourselves and others, watching for moments when feelings are strongest–so we can put those moments into our content and help all people connect with their own feelings.


As filmmakers, we have a shared vision but different/complementary skills. We constantly analyze and refine how we work together to improve the end product, while staying as efficient and lean as possible. 

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